Friday, October 11, 2013

Peak Valley Station. Lake Benmore.His n hers.2013. October

What a fabulous weekend that was.
Spent Friday night on the shore of Lake Pukaki,
and then to Peak Valley Station on the shores of Lake Benmore.
It is just 4000 hectares in size and we only saw a fraction of it.
We were so overawed by the views and the road that we didn't take photos on the way the road photos are taken on the way out.
Boy WHAT a road, What views. Wow!!!!
Us North Islanders have no idea just how BIG the mountains are.
And when they say High Country Sheep Station. They mean
You can tell I am very impressed with this part of NZ.
Anyway this is where we headed to.

Whew!! we made it.
To the old farm house to meet our hosts Ken n Shirls :)
We had a wonderful time meeting up with Oscar the Shetland again and his paddock mate Rosie.
Checking out the new house and gawking at the views.

See the line thru the middle of the hills. Thats the road that follows the transmission lines.We drove that after driving up to a ridge to see the view to the south. Both of us forgot our cameras..Again too busy gawking around.



We had a wonderful time
and the photos we took on the way out give a better idea of the scale and ruggedness of the landscape.
We got stuck behind a mob of sheep being moved on the Station road , by the neighbours ,and so took advantage and did several stops to have lunch and soak it all up. :)

Looking back at the station that starts at the bright green area.

A lot of the shots are taken from the moving van. TG for a good camera with a Sports function ;)

Back past the Dams

The canal was a fabulous blue.

Back past Lake Pukaki.
The sun was hitting the water in a stripe effect and so we saw this amazing stripe of glowing blue.

The clouds were awesome :)

The road wide and winding 

Past Tekapo and home.